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Advertising Campaign Development

Разработка рекламной кампании


Do you want people to know about you? Just tell them about your company and its products or services! What is the best way to do it? Create the most memorable advertising campaign! Let it become your best customer service manager and the most convincing argument for the word-of-mouth advertising. Get to the top and say a few vivid and memorable words about your company, and we will be happy to help you!

Why do advertising campaigns sell better than promotional offers?

An advertising campaign is a full course meal consisting of multiple dishes. A promotional offer is a dessert or an appetizer that shouldn’t be abused. There’s no need to explain that a varied and balanced diet in the form of a well-planned set of promotional activities is the best way to support your company’s health:


  • Intreractivity with the target audience;
  • Placement of text, graphic and video information in the media, blogs and other platforms;
  • Development of memorable banners;
  • Exciting content for social media;
  • Creative mailings;
  • and much more.

Разработка рекламной кампании

Who creates advertising campaigns?


Our marketing specialists, ad makers, journalists, editors, proofreaders, designers, photographers and videographers are good at cooking advertising campaigns. We always take into account your company’s tastes and never repeat our recipes, even if the meal was particularly successful. Your order consisting of the freshest ideas will be prepared and delivered just in time!

What are the ingredients of a great advertising campaign?


The most interesting and eye-catching advertising campaigns require many caring hands and talented heads. And we have it all, as well as an individual approach to each customer. How we do it:


  1. determine your target audience;
  2. study your promotional offers in detail and assess their advantages;
  3. monitor your competitors’ actions;
  4. develop an advertising strategy;
  5. choose the right form for a promotional product;
  6. write a media plan and determine the period of an advertising campaign;
  7. calculate the total cost;
  8. conduct an advertising campaign according to the approved plan;
  9. monitor the effectiveness of a campaign (and make additional changes if necessary);
  10. assess the efficiency of an advertising campaign;
  11. give you a report;
  12. We’re making tea, baking pies and waiting for your visit :)

Разработка рекламных кампаний




The tasty advertising campaigns we prepare for our customers are given a place of prominence in our portfolio. We love challenges and pursue a creative approach to advertising. The main purpose of our projects is to arouse positive emotions and to make your business more profitable.

Our Projects

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