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Tough competition, rejection of traditional advertising tools and redistribution of the budgetary resources for Internet development. This is a typical situation for 80% of companies. The remaining 20% of companies have been actively developing in the Internet for many years, and now it’s high time for them to modernize their projects. No matter which category you belong to, anyhow it’s better to start our cooperation with a warm-up. After that we will choose the appropriate distance for us to run together.


The service includes:

  • Preliminary website audit
  • Assessment of the website usability from the customer’s point of view
  • Assessment of the response time for requests and e-mails
  • Analysis of the company’s social media presence
  • Evaluation of the company’s image in the Internet







After the warm-up it’s necessary to determine the tasks to be performed within the shortest time period.


If you are ready to run a sprint with us, you will get:

  • Correction of the website errors detected during the audit
  • Preparation of your website for a comprehensive promotion, considering the new requirements of the search engines.
  • Making an initial list of keywords according to the field and the level of website competitiveness
  • Analysis of competitor behavior in the Internet
  • Analysis of request  periodicity and efficiency
  • Distribution of requests  according to the entry points
  • Meta tags for the promoted pages
  • H1 (main headings) for the promoted pages
  • Writing unique content for the website sections recognized as problematic in the course of audit
  • Posting unique texts on the promoted pages
  • Online user behavior analysis
  • Progress report

If you are ready for a semi-marathon, you’ll get the following services in addition to those from the category Sprint:

  • Social media campaigns
  • Internet media advertising
  • Social media business page maintenance
  • Adjustment of the technical part of the website for its promotion
  • Modernization of the existing website according to the audit results
  • Copywriting (the package includes 10,000 symbols)
  • Development of a form for obtaining offers from the website
  • Registration of your company in business directories
  • Dead code elimination
  • Progress report

A marathon is the longest distance, and in our case it’s the longest period of cooperation, which includes software and marketing strategy development.

  • Landing page development for customer acquisition 
  • Website development (design, coding, programming)
  • Promotion, advertising and marketing training seminars
  • YouTube channels setup and maintenance
  • Marketing videos
  • Progress report


+ all the functions from the packages Sprint and Semi-marathon