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The Rusautolack company: 2 years of growth and progress

B2B websites face much more challenges in the Internet than B2C ones, as in this case we are not talking about direct sales and millions of visitors. 2 years ago we chose the content strategy for Rusautolack, which made it possible not only to improve the dealers’ literacy rate, but also to increase customer interest in the brand.


Objective: to improve the website traffic and develop a system for receiving requests from the website.



  1. Since Rusautolack is engaged in wholesale, we couldn’t put the prices on the website.
  2. Some product pages didn’t contain enough information, and the products were completely unknown to the customers. Consequently, it wasn’t easy to sell them to dealers.
  3. Multi-branding. Most of the company’s products belong to the automobile segment, but there are also household chemical goods and spray paints for home & hobby. It’s hard to choose a single promotion strategy for these product groups.



  1. We developed a content plan that made it possible to add texts to the website and produce the required information flow. After a while our actions helped to increase the site traffic.
  2. Two semantic kernels were created: the first kernel – only information requests, the second one – only commercial requests.


Results (changes from 2014 to 2015):

  1. The average website traffic increased by 32%. The peak value was reached in February, when there was an increase of 67% over the previous year.
    общая посещаемость
  2. The number of hits on the paint selection service page grew by 405%. In 2014 we attracted 3565 visitors, and in 2015 the number reached 18 025.
    страница подбора краски
  3. The traffic growth from search engines was 89,5% (Google) and 16,2% (Yandex).
  4. Since most of the work was connected with the content, we managed to achieve the expected increase of 47,7% in the news section and 24,3% in the blog.
    новости и блог
  5. As for the key brands we had been working with most of the time, the growth was more than 80% compared to 2014.
    подбор краскиконцентрат

Every year we received over 80 partnership requests via the website.